Stephen Hudson - Director

Direct Tel: 01480 890 005

Stephen Hudson has been deeply involved with the home-building and construction business for over 18 years, after immersing himself in sales and acquisitions from the age of 15. This “in at the deep end” introduction to business has served him well ever since, keeping him firmly in touch with the practical side of things.

Stephen’s experience extends through all aspects of the home-building sector, including everything from commissioning schemes, project management, through to construction and preparation for sale.  

Working to deliver key projects, this experience often makes the difference when it comes to resolving unforeseen operational challenges. Confidence it his abilities to identify and solve any issues ensures the team remains committed to their objectives and able to deliver the highest standards of work. The sense of achievement experienced by the team at the end of each project is palpable.

Stephen says: “Home-building is my passion and my attitude to business reflects that. I start with the idea that we are making homes for people to live, and I want those people to have the best possible experience.”

Despite the labour-intensive nature of the job, Stephen is committed to creating opportunities in the home-building business for dedicated and enthusiastic young people keen to carve out their own career. Over the years he has helped many such workers take their first steps on the ladder, just as he did some 18 years ago.